Stock Screener: Stocks - 200 Day Winners by %


This list shows which stocks have moved up the most over the last 200 trading days.  Because this list is organized by % change, it shows the best opportunities to make a profit with a fixed amount of buying power.

The formula for this list is (yesterday's close - 200 day SMA of the closing prices) / yesterday's close.  The highest value is shown at the top of the list.


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Min Change from 200 Day SMA
Max Change from 200 Day SMA


SWHI - Sw Innovative Holdings
DAVC - Darkstar Ventures Inc
TRIL - Trillium Therapeutics, Inc
BOARF - Boart Longyear Ltd
MILV - Mistral Ventures Inc
TCEL - Therapy Cells Inc
NK - NantKwest, Inc
SBES - South Beach Spirits Inc
OWCP - Owc Pharmaceuticals Research Co
RAKR - Rainmaker Worldwide Inc
SNDE - Sundance Energy Australia Ltd ADS
PRKR - Parkervision
PRPLW - Purple Innovation
CCXI - ChemoCentryx, Inc
IDNG - Independence Energy
FTSV - Forty Seven, Inc
HYCTW - Hycroft Mining Corp Wts Expires 10/12/2022
UAMM - Ua Multimedia Inc
TMCXW - Trinity Merger Corp WTS
KOD - Kodiak Sciences, Inc
FPAYW - FlexShopper, Inc WTS



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