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Introducing Execution Consulting from Trade Ideas

Execution Consulting from Trade Ideas is a service providing our clients with fully developed strategies and trading plans to succeed in current market conditions.

How does it work?

We utilize our event-driven backtesting tool, The OddsMaker, along with an internal machine learning CEP engine to identify the best predictive values for strategy alerts and criteria thresholds. The results delivered to you include several strategies (long or short) that best suit your profit/alpha goals and expectations.

Next, we schedule and conduct a brief consultation to discuss your profit/alpha goals and expectations, arrange payment, and delivery. Afterwards, we refine the strategies and train you in the use of the trading plans to your satisfaction. Click the button below to get started!

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The total amount for the Execution Consulting services and deliverables is $1,100. Additional strategies and their trading plans are $250 per additional strategy.

Already own The OddsMaker?

Congratulations! If you’re already a user of our powerful backtesting tool, The OddsMaker, you are ahead of the curve. The internal machine learning CEP engine we use to develop the optimum values for filters and alerts to your specifications is all-new.

We will provide the same Execution Consulting services to you for $250 per strategy. Trade Ideas recommends a minimum of 2 strategies, long and short, to suit varying market conditions.

OddsMaker results view of an optimized strategy

Visit the Trade Ideas Custom Strategy Forum

We have an active online community of Trade-Ideas support staff, customers, and developers in the Trade-Ideas Support Forum. The section dedicated to answering questions and sharing information about our Execution Consulting services is located in the Trade-Ideas Custom Strategy Forum section.

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