Using AI for Swing Trading: A Case Study with QURE

Using AI for Swing Trading: A Case Study with QURE

Jul 10, 2024

Hello everyone, Barrie Einarson here from Trade Ideas. Today, I want to share an exciting example of how you can leverage our AI for swing trading. Let’s dive into the stock QURE and see what makes this trade great. To Subscribe:
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A Different Perspective with the Daily Chart

Typically, I showcase a 15-minute chart, but today, I’ve switched to the daily chart to highlight something special. Yesterday, QURE was one of our AI alerts, with an entry point at $5.67. The AI algorithm signaled an exit at $6.69, capturing a nearly perfect top. This prompts a frequent question: Can our AI be used for swing trading?

Swing Trading with AI: A Personal Choice

Swing trading is highly individualistic; it depends on your comfort level and trading strategy. Our AI is designed to exit all trades by the end of the day, ensuring a disciplined approach. However, in cases like QURE, the daily chart indicated plenty of room for the stock to run further. This flexibility allows traders to hold onto their positions if they believe there’s more upside potential.

QURE: A Case in Point

Take a look at QURE today. After the initial alert, if you had entered at yesterday’s high around $6.80, the stock made an impressive move up to $10.47 before any significant pullback. Evaluating other time frames, we saw potential room for QURE to reach about $11. This showcases how you can use our AI not just for day trading but also for swing trading, extending your profit opportunities.

Maximizing AI Alerts for Swing Trades

Here’s the key takeaway: while our AI provides precise entries and exits, the ultimate decision to swing trade lies with you. If a stock shows strong performance and has room to grow, as evidenced by the daily chart, there’s no need to exit at the end of the day. This approach allows you to capture larger moves and maximize your gains.

Using AI for swing trading opens up a realm of possibilities. It provides a structured yet flexible framework, allowing you to adapt based on market conditions and your trading style. Keep an eye on those daily charts and don’t hesitate to hold a position if the potential is there.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you found this example of QURE insightful. I’ll be back in the trading room, but until next time, trade smart and stay informed. Check out my homepage here. See you tomorrow!