What Makes This Trade Great: A Deep Dive into Today’s Alert

What Makes This Trade Great: A Deep Dive into Today’s Alert

Jun 28, 2024

Hello everyone, Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas here with today’s edition of “What Makes This Trade Great.”To Subscribe: https://go.trade-ideas.com/SHQ
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Today, we’re diving into another excellent alert from our AI, ASNS. We had an alert at $1.80, and although it has pulled back a little, it reached up to $2.56. Right now, we’re looking at a solid 33% gain from the alert point.

I want to take a moment to emphasize a key point that I often repeat, but it’s crucial for successful trading: there are various ways to use AI alerts beyond just jumping in right at the alert.

Let’s look at the 15-minute chart. The alert occurred at 10:30, and initially, the price popped up to $1.90. However, what’s interesting is what happened next. The price pulled back, and this is where the strategy comes into play. While I don’t have the 10 SMA (Simple Moving Average) drawn on this particular chart, I want you to understand its significance.

If you prefer to see stocks coming into the 10 SMA on a 15-minute chart to gauge their next move, you would have noticed that it held at this level. In theory, you could have entered at a better price, say around $1.70, when you saw it holding the 10 SMA. This approach can sometimes offer a better entry point than the initial alert price of $1.80.

My main point here is not to panic if you miss the first alert. Don’t just assume you’ve missed the boat. Even if it retraces, you can wait for it to reclaim that $1.80 level and still make a good trade.

Keep an eye on these stocks all day long because they can provide sensational opportunities. The volume for this particular alert is huge right now, suggesting that there could be a great end-of-the-day run. Don’t forget to stop by my homepage here.

That’s it for today! Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you Monday morning.