What Makes This Trade Great: Insights from Barrie Einarson

What Makes This Trade Great: Insights from Barrie Einarson

Jun 25, 2024

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A Familiar Tune with NNE

It might feel like déjà vu for some of you, as I’ve discussed NNE multiple times recently. Yesterday, last week, and here we are again. NNE has been nothing short of a rocket ship.

We had an alert for NNE at $24.80 before it pulled back, and it soared up to $33. That’s an incredible percentage gain. As I emphasized yesterday, use the AI like a watch list. It’s essential because, after hitting $33, it pulled back to the entry price.

Opportunities Abound

If you missed it the first time, the second opportunity was there for you. Even amid some choppy movements, if you had waited for the alert at $27.77, you could have ridden it up to $37 – another $10 move. This underscores the importance of treating the AI alerts like a watch list and keeping an eye on these stocks throughout the day.

A Spectacular Day for AI Alerts

Today has been another spectacular day for AI alerts. Let’s delve into NNE’s performance further with a daily chart. NNE has been an alert multiple times, not just today but also yesterday.

While this specific chart isn’t showing it, those of you questioning the AI’s effectiveness for swing trading should note that NNE has had multiple alerts: one when the price was around $13, another around $17, and yet another today.

From $4 to $37 in a Month

NNE’s journey is extraordinary. It was a $4 stock just a month ago, on May 24th, and today it’s reached $37. This remarkable growth highlights the value of our AI alerts. For those interested, reading more about NNE’s technology might provide further insights into its rapid rise.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, using the AI like a watch list can uncover incredible trading opportunities. NNE’s performance is a prime example of what can happen when you stay vigilant and utilize the tools at your disposal.

I’m heading back to the trading room now, but remember, keep those AI alerts on your watch list. Happy trading, everyone! Check out my homepage to keep up with my scans.

Barrie Einarson