Barrie Einarson Trading Insights: Navigating the Volatility of GTPB

Barrie Einarson Trading Insights: Navigating the Volatility of GTPB

May 21, 2024

Hello, traders! Barrie Einarson here from Trade Ideas. Today, I want to share an insightful lesson from a recent trade involving the stock GTPB. While I usually discuss what makes a trade great, this time, let’s focus on the unpredictable nature of the stock market and the lessons we can learn from it.

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GTPB caught my eye yesterday as it hovered around the $10 mark. I watched it all day, waiting for it to break through. Yesterday, it flirted with that level but didn’t quite make it. Then, this morning, it finally happened – GTPB broke through $10 and soared all the way up to $14.95, even hitting a peak of $15.52.

You might wonder why I’m bringing this up. Here’s the twist – the stock suddenly plummeted. GTPB announced a financing round priced around $4.25, which led to a dramatic fall in its price. This kind of unexpected news can turn a profitable trade into a losing one in an instant. Even with a stop in place, the drop was so sharp that many traders might have found themselves caught off guard.

So, why is this important? It highlights a crucial aspect of trading, especially with notoriously volatile biotech stocks. You must stay alert and never wander away from your computer when a stock is parabolic. In just a few seconds, things can change drastically.

Key Takeaways

  1. Constant Vigilance: Always monitor your trades, especially when dealing with volatile stocks like GTPB.
  2. Profit Taking: Take profits incrementally as the stock rises. Don’t wait for the perfect top because it might never come.
  3. Market Awareness: Be prepared for unexpected announcements that significantly impact stock prices.

In conclusion, the stock market is not always rosy. There are ups and downs; sometimes, unexpected events can derail your best-laid plans. Stay vigilant, take profits when you can, and always be prepared for the unexpected.

That’s all for today, traders. I’ll see you back in the trading room. Have a great evening and happy trading!