Cashing in on the Cryptic Crypto Carnage: How New Traders Can Get Cash From The Crash 

Cashing in on the Cryptic Crypto Carnage: How New Traders Can Get Cash From The Crash 

By Katie Gomez

“Crypto Carnage,” “Bloodbath,” “Race to the Bottom.” Regardless of the hyperbolic headlines, cryptocurrency markets are currently enduring a prolonged downturn not witnessed since 2018. Over a trillion dollars in value has been wiped off the board, with pillars like Bitcoin and Ethereum witnessing a staggering 70% drop from their all-time highs just last year.

While this market upheaval instills fear in newer traders, seasoned investors perceive an opportunity. Veteran traders, adhering to the sage wisdom of Baron Rothschild, understand the importance of “buying when there’s blood in the streets.” However, for novice traders entering a market awash with red, panic often eclipses any sense of opportunity. Nevertheless, this brutal awakening serves as fertile ground for the next generation of crypto winners.

The recent market shakeout has purged speculators, exposed scammers, and vaporized hype. Yet, for those willing to navigate the volatility, the current landscape presents incredible bargains for blue-chip cryptos with real-world utility. The timing of any recovery remains uncertain, but the risk-reward ratio has drastically improved for patient new entrants, even considering potential contagion across crypto-correlated risk assets. Let’s analyze the wreckage and explore why cautious optimism may be warranted.

How Crypto Performance Has Declined

The crypto market experienced significant upheaval in 2022 when the FTX collapse shook prices and turned the market downward. Although 2023 showed initial signs of recovery for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as macroeconomic conditions stabilized, the market remains highly unpredictable, with sentiment swinging between fear, greed, and neutrality.

Recent inflation concerns and an aggressive Fed stance on interest rates have reignited crypto volatility over the summer. While Bitcoin and Ethereum regained some lost ground in October 2023, they continue to trade 50% below their peak performance highs in 2021. Currently, the crypto market responds more to shifts in global financial assets than stable fundamentals.

With uncertainty persisting in traditional markets, cryptos continue to weather these storms. Most experts agree that investors must demonstrate patience and disciplined strategy rather than attempting to predict or time such a volatile market. Steady progress depends on improved macro conditions across interconnected markets.

Crypto operates not in isolation but as part of the broader financial landscape. It is influenced by and interconnected with other markets, requiring a balanced atmosphere for stability. As an emerging asset class, crypto lacks mature fundamental support, making it vulnerable to more frequent and dramatic changes as investor sentiment shifts.

Impacts on New Traders

The sheer magnitude and pace of cryptocurrency’s price decline pose extreme risks for new investors. While veteran traders can draw from previous experience to navigate the turmoil, the 85% drawdowns since November’s all-time highs make capital allocation highly intimidating for rookies.

The psychological impact of rapidly plunging account balances undermines the confidence of new participants. The indiscriminate ruination, affecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and leading altcoins uniformly, adds insult to injury.

Furthermore, prominent crypto lending firms and exchanges, once touted for big yields and trading glory, have filed for bankruptcy amid liquidity crises, exposing vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. New adopters, enticed by lofty promises, now witness crypto’s underbelly laid bare across plunging portfolios and frozen accounts.

Reasons for Cautious Optimism

Yet, even the most violent bear maulings eventually exhaust themselves. While no crystal ball offers dependable timing for recovery, the magnitude of the decline means assets trade at deep discounts not witnessed since crypto’s formative years. The monumental drawdown resets market valuations and expectations closer to realistic near-term adoption curves, allowing more sustainable growth grounded in reality.

Is Investing in Crypto Still Safe?

While crypto has always been a popular yet volatile investment choice, 2023 has left traders questioning its worth after a streak of bad luck. Cryptocurrency has seen extreme volatility, with soaring rallies and gut-wrenching crashes. Amid macroeconomic woes, high-profile crypto bankruptcies, and intensified government regulation, doubts arise about crypto’s viability as an investment.

For young investors contemplating the safety of investing in such a nascent asset, crypto carries substantial risk due to its speculative nature and boom-and-bust cycles. Many experts advise keeping a small portion (around 5% or less) of your portfolio in leading cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Allocating only a fraction of funds to crypto allows participation in potential gains while limiting exposure to price plunges. Consider crypto investment as a considered, calculated risk rather than a leap of faith. The key is prudent investment rather than chasing overnight riches.

In this young market, no one can guarantee crypto is a safe investment class by traditional metrics. However, restrained exposure may pay off for those with the patience and discipline required. The long-term viability of crypto remains questionable, but the potential upside remains alluring. Rather than asking if crypto is safe, ask, “How much crypto risk can I reasonably tolerate?” Invest accordingly.

Tips for New Traders Amid the Turmoil

New traders, in particular, need to respect the potential for continued volatility despite seemingly “cheap” asset prices. Instead of fixating on calling the exact bottom, consider dollar-cost averaging over an extended timeframe.

Incremental buying allows you to benefit from potential further weakness rather than deploying total capital today. Scale in patiently rather than rushing to buy the proverbial dip. Remember, knives can continue falling for longer than expected.

Additionally, emphasize portfolio holdings in high-quality, battle-tested cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum over speculative altcoins. Unproven small caps carry additional risk. Beware of cryptocurrencies advertised as “up and coming,” as they often indicate higher volatility and are not worth the gamble.

Prepare psychologically for the long haul. The road back may take months or years, requiring emotional discipline. Set price alerts and zoom out rather than obsessing over short-term swings. Focusing on the long game avoids reactive decisions.

Finally, utilize stop losses religiously given the turbulence. While extensive bands allow riding out average volatility, have an exit plan in case breakdowns cascade. Protecting capital ensures survival to trade another day. Remain vigilant; flexible positioning insulates from further drawdowns.

In Conclusion

Although the effects of the crypto crash still linger, cautioning traders to be wary of another downturn, there is a glimmer of sunlight. We may endure the cold crypto winter a bit longer, but the storm clouds will soon part, guiding us to a more fruitful spring to reap patiently awaited investments. Observing the crypto market prudently amid the uncertain global environment is wise.

One may never know, but observing will eventually help investors make intelligent decisions and find a favorite digital asset at a fair value once the chaos subsides. Success at the other end of this requires navigating both the fear/panic of the crash and the immediate gratification of the opportunity with caution. Those exercising the right amount of patience, discipline, and mindful action will reap the most considerable rewards in the end.