What Makes This Trade Great: A Deep Dive into the GTLB Earnings Play

What Makes This Trade Great: A Deep Dive into the GTLB Earnings Play

Dec 5, 2023

Hello and welcome back to another electrifying edition of ‘What Makes This Trade Great.’ This is Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas, and today we’re tearing into a fascinating specimen, an earnings play that took an unexpected turn: the GTLB. To Subscribe: https://go.trade-ideas.com/SHQ
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The Pre-Market Buzz

Before we delve into the depths of the actual market commencement, let’s touch on the pre-market situation. GTLB had just posted its earnings and the buzz was palpable. The stock was, let me borrow a term from the vernacular of the trading floor, ripping higher. The kind of buzz that sends traders’ hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. Sparks were flying and it seemed the only way GTLB was headed was northward.

The 9:30 AM Tumble

However, as is sometimes the case on the unpredictable rollercoaster ride of the market, GTLB took a sharp unexpected nosedive as soon as the market opened. As the 9:30 – 15-minute candle flickered to life, we witnessed a scene that could only be described as a ‘massive sell-off.’

The stock nosedived from a respectable $60 to a stumbling $55.

You’d imagine that sort of tumble would herald a disastrous day. However, lucky for us, we had something more potent than luck on our side.

Artificial Intelligence Security Net

Our artificial intelligence (AI) system, which had thrown up just one alert for the day, picked GTLB. It spotted something not many would. It found a window where the AI perceived the stock had hit rock bottom, thus calling out for a ‘bounce play.’The AI alert was posted when the market price for GTLB was $55.74. This wasn’t just a suggested entry point; in hindsight, it was an invitation to capitalize on a significant upside.

The AI had correctly predicted the bottom of the seemingly free-falling stock, and the subsequent bounce play yielded impressive results.

Profits on the Bounce

The stock price rallied from the AI suggested price of $55.74 to a staggering $61.28!

This remarkable run happened before there was even a slight fall back in the stock price. Now, I wouldn’t dare to predict what the rest of the day had in store for GTLB, however, the morning’s play was nothing short of astounding.

AI Powering Earnings Play

This real-world example does a fabulous job of depicting the benefits of integrating AI into the trading landscape. AI systems, like the one we use at Trade Ideas, can provide a futuristic approach to speculation and forecasting. The GTLB earnings play exemplifies how a big drop in stock price, which at first glance may appear disastrous, can yield a massive profit when the AI system works its magic.

Well, folks, that was quite the rollercoaster ride! Certainly, the GTLB play proves to be a captivating centerpiece in the grand chessboard of stock market maneuvers. It perfectly encapsulates the cyclical trading journey – starting with pre-market excitement, facing the plummeting lows, and then riding the high wave of a bouncing back.

To all you keen-eyed traders out there, let’s get back to the market, for there are many more moves to be made – more trades to be done. Have a great evening and we’re excited to bring you another exciting trading episode tomorrow.

Goodbye and happy trading!