Top 5 Trading Apps to Build Your Fortune from Your Phone: Take Control of Your Financial Destiny On the Go

Top 5 Trading Apps to Build Your Fortune from Your Phone: Take Control of Your Financial Destiny On the Go

By Katie Gomez

In the last year alone, more Millennials and GenZ are beginning to trade in the 9 to 5 lifestyle to focus on lucrative side hustles such as stock trading. That said, stock trading has also evolved to match the new energy of the technological age by going mobile. Given younger individuals have their phones with them at all times, stock trading apps are making investing more accessible than ever. Never before has retail stock trading been so convenient, as you can buy and sell stocks with the swipe or click of a button from your phone, no matter where you are. 

Thanks to technology, gone are the days when you needed a stock broker or to be glued to a desktop to invest in the markets. Now, all you need is a smartphone to access some of the most powerful trading platforms that once were only available to Wall Street pros. So, for all the newer, younger traders looking to grow their wealth, here are five top-rated trading apps best suited to help you buy, sell, and manage your portfolio on the go.

Before you choose a stock trading platform to help grow your wealth on the go, you must consider a few factors in your decision.

  • User interface and ease of use
  • Educational resources/how-to guides
  • Research tools and stock analysis
  • Account minimums and deposit requirements
  • Trading options – stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency
  • Availability of demo account to practice
  • Customer service options – chatbots, humans, response times
  • Security measures and insurance protection

The Top 5 Stock Trading Apps for Beginners Under 30

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile trading apps allow you to act quickly on market news and manage your portfolio anywhere. If you’re looking to grow your wealth, here are five top-rated trading apps to help you buy, sell, and manage your portfolio on the go

  1. Robinhood 

Robinhood is likely the most well-known of the stock trading apps for younger investors, as its popularity among retail traders has skyrocketed since Gamestop. This pioneering app made waves by offering commission-free trades, allowing average investors zero fees, and being more accessible to millennials and new investors. You can invest in stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrencies. While basic, the interface of Robinhood is intuitive, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing (all factors that entice younger users).

  1.  Webull 

Webull is another strong contender regarding stock trading apps, especially in recent years. Webull now also offers zero-commission trading, which makes the process more cost-effective. Webull features advanced charting and analysis tools to research potential investments. Serious traders should consider Webull for its advanced tools. The app provides real-time market data, customizable screeners, and more. Users can also trade on margin and access analyst ratings. Using Webull, traders can also analyze candlestick charts, set buy/sell signals, use drawing tools, and more. Offering a little more insight into the stock trading realm than other retail-focused trading apps, it allows newer traders to learn as they go. 

  1. TD Ameritrade Mobile 

TD Ameritrade’s trading platform allows you to manage and execute trades seamlessly. It’s integrated with the Thinkorswim desktop platform, which provides features for active traders, including robust research and analysis between devices. Additionally, their educational resources help you learn along the way. The app also allows you to trade a full range of securities while providing streaming CNBC news and customized alerts. You can approve trades, fund accounts, and manage orders efficiently on the go.

  1. ETrade Mobile 

This app allows you to manage your ETrade account, including stocks, options, ETFs, and mutual funds on the go, with $0 commissions. With ETrade, you can react quickly to market news with streaming quotes. ​​New users can benefit from real-time quotes, market news, watchlist customization, and access to E*Trade’s library of educational videos—desktop power on a small screen.

  1. Fidelity Mobile

Finally, Fidelity is the final pick because it offers full-featured mobile trading. Tied for Robinhood in popularity among younger investors, Fidelity offers real-time quotes, customizable charts, instant order status updates, and $0 commissions. Screeners and alerts help react to shifting market conditions. You can trade equities, ETFs, options, and more. New investors will also appreciate Fidelity’s financial learning content.

Key Considerations When Starting to Trade Stocks

Trading apps alone cannot guide you toward success; the following tips will help you use your apps intentionally and make the most of their convenience. The pathway to success using trading platforms includes: 

  • Setting investment goals and risk tolerance
  • Importance of diversification
  • Consistency and discipline
  • Ongoing education
  • Managing emotions and avoiding impulse decisions

In conclusion, mobile stock trading apps are the future because they provide the best gateway for newer, younger traders. These apps are the key for them to learn how to integrate more antiquated styles into their day-to-day life and make their transition into a stock trader as seamless as possible. The less stress and change it brings to your life, the easier the transition will be. Trade Ideas is on its way to becoming mobile now that we have evolved from just PC to now available on all Mac software. 

However, until then, the best app for newer, younger traders, Trade Ideas, recommends Robinhood as the best app overall in user-friendliness for beginner traders under 30 years old. The bottom line is trading apps provide freedom and flexibility to invest whenever and wherever you want. So download any of these powerful platforms to build your wealth from anywhere, anytime! For more insight into what makes a successful trader, visit Trade Ideas today and take it one step higher than a trading app and download our program’s screener software. Take 15% off with my promo code: KATIE15.