Making Great Trades with Trade Ideas

Making Great Trades with Trade Ideas

Dec 1, 2023

Hosted by Barrie Einarson, this episode of “What Makes This Trade Great” was one to remember. We covered the significant upside potential of Path, analyzed abnormal option activity, and identified daily breakouts over a ten day period. Here’s a detailed recap of the insights shared. To Subscribe:
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Path: The Trade of the Week

Our Trade of the Week was Path, a pick we recommended to subscribers of our free, weekly service that highlights promising trades.

Here’s how it was outlined:

  • The trigger for this trade was at $18.60.
  • If you’d taken it on Monday around the trigger price, by Wednesday it had risen to $20.31. Quite a ride!

However, even if you were more cautious in your approach and didn’t hold it through earnings, it still was an outstanding ‘trade of the week.’

Abnormal Option Activity and Ten Day Daily Breakout

In our trading room, Barrie talked about incorporating abnormal option activity and the ten-day daily breakout indicator in our scan to increase our chances of snaring successful trades.Add ScreenshotRewrite

In the words of our host,

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are few of the highlighted trades:

  • Path: $23.31
  • PD: Potential short at $20.112
  • IOT: Alert to go long at $31.91, followed by a satisfying climb to $30.316

Despite minor system lag during the production of the video content, Barry was able to highlight the essentialness of the worth of these trades.

Appreciating the Power of Focused Trading

Each day, you wouldn’t expect to see too many alerts, around two to five, for this combined scan. But don’t underestimate the benefit that this approach can bring to the table.\

The takeaway? By honing in on a few carefully selected stocks, you can make meaningful trades despite the volatility often associated with the stock market.

To Wrap Up…

Engaging episodes like this edition of “What Makes This Trade Great” are part of what makes being a part of our trading community so rewarding.

Join us next week as we continue with more insights on successful trades in the stock market!