What Makes This Trade Great: A Deep-Dive into MINM

What Makes This Trade Great: A Deep-Dive into MINM

Nov 30, 2023

Hello, all traders out there! I’m your favorite trading whizz, Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas, back with another edition of What Makes This Trade Great. Today, we’re going to dive deep into an unexpected trading star: MINM. This overperformer shone brightly in the pre-market and continues to maintain a jaw-dropping increase of 608% even as I write this.
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Uncovering MINM: The Pre-Market Overachiever

MINM first caught our eye in the pre-market when it was probably still trading under a dollar. But here’s where it gets interesting: there was no news associated with it. It’s highly uncommon for a stock to experience such an explosion without any catalyst. This peculiarity piqued my curiosity; it seemed likely that MINM had been singled out by an investment group somewhere on the globe, looking for the next low float ‘mini’, as I like to call it, like VVOS from the previous day.

Comparing VVOS and MINM – A Tale of Two ‘Minis’

Now, for anyone who missed out on yesterday’s ride with VVOS, let me quickly catch you up. VVOS was a star performer, largely because of some news associated with it. VVOS managed to grab FDA approval for a sleep apnea device. Now, whether that justified its sharp rise from four to $50, we’ll leave that for another debate. What matters is that it had a newsworthy event propelling it forward.

In contrast, MINM, the star of today’s show, lacks such news. I’ve scoured the wide web extensively and yet have come up empty-handed. All that’s apparent is that it’s an extremely low float stock, probably less than a million in the float, drawing in traders who might have missed out on yesterday’s VVOS adventure.

The Power of News for Low Float Stocks

While this may sound unorthodox, it’s often these low floaters that make for an exciting ride in the stock market. They can run at a remarkable pace, as we’ve seen with MINM, which is currently up by 615%. However, experience tells us that for such stock to maintain momentum throughout the day and avoid sudden pullbacks, it helps to have even a smidge of compelling news behind it.

This does not have to be a groundbreaking discovery or a major business merger, it can be as simple as an eye-catching headline that grabs the reader’s attention. But, as we can see from the trajectory of MINM, news isn’t an absolute prerequisite for a profitable day.

Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

In sum up, whether a stock like MINM can transition its pre-market adrenaline rush into day-long domination remains to be seen. However, it’s evident that keen traders are continually on the lookout for low floaters to capitalize on, making the stock market an exciting space to explore.

Let’s head back into the room and keep our eyes peeled for these potential hidden diamonds. Remember, whether you’re scanning the farthest corners of the web for news to propel your potential investments or finding the ‘next big thing’ like a low floater, happy hunting! Until next time, have a great evening and see you tomorrow.