A Remarkable Black Friday Trade: The Story of SPRC

A Remarkable Black Friday Trade: The Story of SPRC

Nov 24, 2023

Hello, folks! This is Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas. Welcome to a special Black Friday edition of our blog series, “What Makes This Trade Or Stock Great?” Today we’ll focus on an incredible Black Friday trade involving SPRC that transpired in a rather unexpected manner. Buckle up for an exciting trading story!To Subscribe: https://go.trade-ideas.com/SHQ
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The Surprising Black Friday Trade

As seasoned traders, you’d know I typically don’t engage in trading activities on Black Friday. In fact, I hadn’t planned to trade at all that day. However, the market often has delightful surprises up its sleeve. And boy, did SPRC catch my attention this time around!

Let’s shed some light on what makes SPRC so remarkable in this context. First, background checks revealed some fresh news in the pre-market — something to do with autism. This development made it a highly compelling prospect, prompting me to diverge from my usual Black Friday routine.

“The best traders are adaptable. They can take in new information and adjust their approach to the market accordingly.” – Barrie Einarson

Simultaneously, we noticed another Argentinian stock, YPF, trending alongside SPRC. It, too, had an exceptional run that day. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Unprecedented Breakout

The moment of truth arrived at 9.33 Eastern Time when SPRC showed up on my ten-day daily breakout at $8.90. The following 15-minute action was nothing short of spectacular.

As you can see in the above snapshot, the second 15-minute candle hovers right around this breakout level. From $8.90, SPRC soared all the way up to $14.23 before taking a breather. Remarkably, this surge represented an impressive $6 move from the alert price, technically making it a low float, with only about two and a half million in the float. A nearly straight shot upward that led to such a tremendous move is an extremely rare sighting in the trading world.

Despite a significant pullback, SPRC held firm ground, thereby manifesting the immense potential of the stock. It underscored the significance of early alerts in timely seizing profit-making opportunities.

The Amazing Trading Community

I must say, my trading room was abuzz with excitement following this development. A significant number of traders jumped on this opportunity, making the most out of the Black Friday trading session. It is noteworthy that the timely alert regarding SPRC’s burgeoning potential came from a member of our community, Shady. Kudos to him for sharing this valuable tip early on!

Signing off Until Next Time

Well, traders, that’s all from this special Black Friday trading round-up. It certainly was one thrilling day with SPRC making the headlines! Remember, trading is an art that thrives on agility, informed decisions, and the ability to seize opportunities that come your way, even on seemingly quiet days like Black Friday.

Looking forward to catching up with you all this Monday morning at 09:00 Eastern time for some more trading excitement. Till then, enjoy the rest of your weekend, happy trading!

Bye for now.