What Makes This MRAI Trade Great: Exploring AI in Stock Trading

What Makes This MRAI Trade Great: Exploring AI in Stock Trading

Nov 22, 2023

Hello everybody! Barrie Einarson here, and welcome to another exciting edition of “What Makes This Trade Great” your favorite blog series. In today’s edition, we’ll delve into a specific stock, MRAI, unearthing the series of events that made the trade a winner. Feel free to explore my Home Page, where you can acquire Trade Ideas scanners at a discounted price of Use Promo Code BARRIE25

Anatomy of a Winning Trade

To set the scene, let’s revisit the trading chart, showing the key signals and data points from yesterday.

As you can see, I have indicated a small buy arrow. This signals the entry point from our AI, marking the moment the system advised it was the opportune time to invest. The AI suggested an entry at one nine (0.019), and it exited at 140 (1.40). This trade session marked a considerable increase in the stock valuation.

One common question we often get is

“Is your AI is strictly suitable for day trading?”

Well, the answer is, it’s completely up to you!

“Remember, the tool is here to assist, not make the decisions for you. You drive your trading strategy, integrating technology as an enabler.”

If you thought the MRAI stock traded commendably towards the day’s close, you could have made a decision to hold the shares overnight. Sure, MRAI was a small trade, yet there’s no harm in holding a piece – despite this not always guaranteeing a worthwhile return.

Let’s look into what happened next in this particular case.

Analyzing the Aftermath

News broke out about a significant purchase by one of the insider members. With a staggering buy of at least 100,000 shares, the MRAI stock price reacted accordingly. This buying behaviour might have triggered the continued upward trend in the stock.

However, following a considerable surge to 346 (3.46), the stock had a substantial pullback. This shift sparked my interest, and I set an alert at 311 (3.11), curious to see if it would trigger later in the day.

The events that transpired serve as a testament to the AI’s intelligent functionality. Despite exiting the trade at the end of the day, holding the stock was a beneficial move, resulting in a significant gain today. The important takeaway here is the potential for capitalization on such gains – the AI is more than a tool for day trading, providing insights that can enhance your trading approach.


“The AI is a tool at your disposal, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it to its full potential.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of “What Makes This Trade Great”, providing some insider insight into how AI can be used effectively for trading.

Lastly, to all our U.S readers, Happy Thanksgiving! As a Canadian, I don’t celebrate it. However, it’s worth noting that the market will be closed. The trading room will be back in action on Friday for the half-day session.

So here’s wishing you all a festive Thanksgiving, and I look forward to connecting with you on Friday morning. Safe trading everyone!