Avoiding the herd mentality: Learn How to Tailor Your Investments to You

Avoiding the herd mentality: Learn How to Tailor Your Investments to You

Written by Katie Gomez

You’ve often heard, as a trader, that you should choose the path less taken, look for hidden gems, or seize opportunities others overlook. But when you’re a newbie, particularly if you’re a young trader, where exactly should you start? This article will introduce you to the advantages of real-time automated trading systems, particularly for those new to the trading scene.

Think back to when you were learning how to drive. If you had the luxury of learning on a car with an automatic transmission, the process was likely straightforward. In contrast, learning on a stick shift adds another layer of complexity.

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Trade Ideas CEO Dan Mirkin illustrates this by sharing how he secured over $9,000 in gains from the stock FNGR on Twitter. When trading from the charts on Trade Ideas, stops are automatically placed for you, akin to how an automatic transmission shifts gears. This approach minimizes the work and mental load, enabling you to focus on other aspects of trading.

AI and automated trading systems are the future. They go beyond just automated tools like stop losses or limit orders. Platforms like Trade Ideas use real-time automated features to introduce you to more than just the popular stocks.

Consider this: When you visit a Jamba Juice, you likely order from the displayed menu. But did you know there’s a secret menu with over 50 different flavors? This exemplifies a psychological phenomenon known as object permanence: out of sight, out of mind. It applies to trading, too. We invest in familiar stocks like TSLA, DSNY, and AAPL because they’re prominently displayed, missing out on potentially better options.

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Sure, you can invest your time in extensive research, but why should you? Automated systems like Trade Ideas streamline the process of discovering valuable stocks beyond the well-known ones. Older, more experienced traders understand the value of this, and with Trade Ideas, they’re eager to guide newcomers.

While older generations are more accustomed to in-depth research, younger traders who grew up in the digital age may settle for the first answer Google offers. This mentality aligns with the way brokerages and apps simplify trading into a three-step process: view, click, and send the order. But the best results often require more effort than the path of least resistance.

At Trade Ideas, we understand the challenges posed by short attention spans and information overload. We aim to make the trading process as efficient as possible, without sacrificing quality or depth.

Remember, following the herd leads to average results. By contrast, Trade Ideas can expose you to hidden opportunities, like stock FNGR, that you might otherwise overlook.

In conclusion, real-time automated solutions like Trade Ideas offer a way to proactively navigate the stock market. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. It’s time to up your trading game with a Trade Ideas subscription.