The OddsMaker: Your Trading Superpower

The OddsMaker: Your Trading Superpower

I’ve been trading the markets for a long time – almost 20 years now.

As someone who trades over 15 strategies each day, I want to let you in on a little secret.

There is no trading strategy that works in all circumstances. In fact, all strategies work sometimes and not other times.

As traders, our role is to identify those circumstances under which our strategies flourish. We then apply trading rules to filter out only those trades with the highest success probability.

But how can you confidently decide when to execute trades and when to hold back? While it’s possible to rely on industry gurus for stock tips, sustainable success in trading requires you to backtest and rely on your own trading ideas.

Backtesting is one of the most reliable ways to come up with your OWN trading advantages without needing to rely on external advice.

In essence, it’s the closest thing to a superpower a trader can possess.

Discover how traders are utilizing the OddsMaker—the world’s fastest backtester—to create their unique, profitable trading strategies.

Dave Mabe is a trader and the CTO at Trade-Ideas. He helps traders make more money by improving their strategies.

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