New TI Website Dashboard

New TI Website Dashboard

Written by Katie Gomez

Trade Ideas has been around for over two decades, helping its users develop into experienced, skilled traders, from their Brokerage+ trading simulator to live support and continued education programs. However, the evolution of technology has made it harder for our users to keep up. 

That said, the new trade ideas website has been altered to deliver the same high-quality information in a more accessible fashion. Unlike our previous website, explicitly tailored to PC users, our programs are now user-friendly whether you use a Mac, iPad, PC, or any other device with a web browser. In this post, I’ll review some of the most significant new features that add value to Trade Ideas users and how to make users’ experience more efficient with our new site. 

Users will be presented with a few bits of information off the bat. The first is the list of the current most popular stocks, along with their charts. If those stocks are not what you are looking for, you can utilize our search engine on the home page or go more in-depth by entering the stock info dashboard. This newer modified search engine makes finding information on any individual stock desired easier than ever. For example, it is as easy as just typing AAPL to get the necessary data.

You’ll find everything you need to know about different data points from any company, including moving averages, charts, short float, earnings per share, p&l, and any other data you might need before deciding whether or not you want to buy it. 

The new site also highlights our new market scope 360, the best dashboard for an overall view of what is going on in the market, what is moving/stagnant, and exemplifies any data violations in an organized and efficient manner. Below this dashboard is a treemap or heatmap visual showing real-time movement. This graphic is a beneficial feature for swing and day traders to see how to make changes throughout the day to your trades. How many stocks in the market are up/down, and by how much? Look to the treemap.

*If some of the data appears blurred or delayed, you can set up a free account with us to view unlimited live real-time data. 

Another significant difference between the old and the updated TI website is our new preferences page in settings. You will see a massive leap from the downloaded version of Trade Ideas in settings & preferences, as you can modify the site for your experience. You can see changes anywhere from light/dark mode to sidebar behavior. While these might seem like minuscule changes, for the amount of time stock traders, spend looking at a screen, you’ll find the way your screen is laid out makes a monumental difference. 

Additionally, this updated website will feature our patented stock races and highlight the kind of real-time data in ethically pleasing formats we portray. If you have yet to see your races in action, this new site will highlight the updated features of this program. Stock races are constructed to your preferences so you can see how your selected stocks in your preferred time frame compare to other market stocks. 

You can also utilize our new feature: stock race central, to see the biggest gainers alongside the biggest losers. However, you can also use this feature to run two races simultaneously. For instance, you can change your intention to show gap-up vs. gap-down stocks or bearish vs. bullish. With a simple drag and drop of an icon, the race increases relative volume and changes your scans to whatever you want to see.

In contrast to the races, the following dashboard is a top list, a static list/chart showing the same data presented differently. These top lists are more helpful for those who just want to take their time to scroll down and click through various stocks. Again with the drag and drop, you can see high relative volume action between certain stocks. 

Users may also frequent the new market dashboard ‘call alerts’; this page will show the user any relative news happening from moment to moment, algorithmically altered by user feedback. We can alert users directly on this page with any necessary updates or changes to keep you in the loop. Finally, if you are interested in Trade Ideas LLC, you can click on our user guide in the TI dashboard to learn more about our support and education (i.e., blog articles, trading rooms, and webinars) to help you in your trading journey. 

In conclusion, Trade Ideas ranks as one of the top sites to help train and teach new traders about the market and how to work with it. However, as a smaller company, we have struggled at times to deliver that information in an efficient manner, as it has proven more challenging to make as many updates and changes as other companies. Nevertheless, with the new website, you will see the same information presented much more efficiently. Some of the fundamental changes highlighted in this new site include:

  • Increased user engagement.
  • Connection to education.
  • Real-time stock races.
  • Higher quality images, visuals, and data.
  • Increased options in preferences and settings to tailor individual experiences.
  • Easier access to support.
  • Highly organized, aesthetically pleasing production and display of data.
  • User-friendliness across all devices (instead of just PC).

Look out, traders, because the new Trade Ideas website makes TI bigger, better, and more user-friendly than ever before.