The Era of the Side Hustle: Learn How to Become an Affiliate

The Era of the Side Hustle: Learn How to Become an Affiliate

By Katie Gomez

Over the last decade, people have been spinning straw into gold by turning their side hustles and passion projects into sustainable sources of income, especially Millennials and GenZ. Then 2020 introduced the COVID-19 pandemic, and acted as a kick-starter for those pursuing other career opportunities away from their basic 9 to 5 jobs. Although affiliate marketing is not a relatively new term, it has become significantly more widespread and advantageous for businesses in the last couple of years. Companies find little to no need for ads when social media influencers are willing to sign on as brand ambassadors and affiliate marketers to promote their brand, product, or service.

We live in one of the most expensive times in history; inflation continues to rise, resulting in lower-value tax refunds, higher bills, an unstable job market, and inconsistently fluctuating housing prices. Additionally, with the next recession looming around the corner, it is safe to say that our financial futures are up in the air. Therefore, we cannot trust the previously determined “safety and security” of our 9 to 5 jobs to be our only source of income like we used to—we all saw how “safe” those jobs were during the 2008 recession. 

Therefore, supplementing your income with side hustles or other part-time gigs is one of the safest and smartest things to do to protect your assets moving into this recession in 2023. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to take part in side gigs without leaving the cushiness of your full-time job. Whether or not your side hustle turns profitable enough to leave behind your primary source of income is not the point. The point is to have options, something many individuals didn’t have to lean back on during the last recession. 

Should I become an affiliate? 

Ironically, many social media users are considered influencers (10k or above), and yet only a fraction of them are profiting from their following. Like any side hustle, many of us start doing it as a hobby or passion project, but continue because of the monetary benefits they can provide. 

Contrary to popular belief, it can be challenging to be an influencer. Continuous and consistent content production, engagement with your followers, and outreach to other influencers can be hard work with no profit. However, you can utilize those skills as an affiliate partner and get a monetary reward as a bonus. 

Trade Ideas is a company that has been around for decades but stays on the cutting edge of social media and marketing, especially when it comes to our affiliate marketing program. Although becoming an affiliate is simpler than ever with the help of instantaneous outreach via social media, even if you don’t have as big of a presence on social media, you can still be an affiliate! Anyone is eligible to sign up today to join our program. 

If you think you have a following of people, a community, or even associates that you think might be interested in the content we share, we’d like to make it a little easier with our version of a “thank you” for spreading the word. At Trade Ideas, we make an enticing offer more enticing if you decide to sign up for our Affiliate Program. Becoming an affiliate is known as relatively easy money for a reason, with a recurring commission of up to 30% from every person who visits Trade Ideas and starts their journey with a subscription. As with anything, you will get what you put into it.

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What makes Trade Ideas Affiliate Program Unique to Others?

  1. NO program fees: never worry about hidden charges or membership fees
  2. General additional revenue, no cap commission rate.
  3. Residual Commission: you earn recurring commission on active subscriptions.
  4. Reporting tools and status: you see your progress w/ sophisticated online reporting tools.
  5. Dedicated support: our affiliate team is at your beck and call to help support you! 
  6. Cross-promotion opportunities: the mutually beneficial business relationship offers the opportunity to use our followers to plug your brand and showcase your product.

Reviews from some of our current Affiliate partners

“Trade Ideas has helped me become a better trader instead of following the herd.”

“I use trade ideas every single day in creating my morning watchlist.”

“Having an amazing tool like Trade Ideas can really help you be successful in the trading world.”

Commissions start at 15% on selling any of our subscriptions, attributed to you through the affiliate partner links and codes. In addition, your traffic and affiliate commission data are available through on-demand reporting. We pay your commissions when your account reaches a balance of $200 or when you request a payout. Last year we paid over $3.2M in commissions to our top 200 affiliates. 

Finally, at Trade Ideas, we intend that customers will sign up from our website (or a branded page we design for you) in a process like any other new customer. Any other arrangement would have to be provided by you and may involve additional set-up fees or costs.

You can get closer to prioritizing your financial future by applying to join our affiliate team today at:  

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