The Stock Race “Ah Hah” Moment

The Stock Race “Ah Hah” Moment

Written by Marissa Goodbody, July 22, 2022

Trade Ideas Stock Races are the new way to see real-time stock movements in the form of a performance ranked race. You can only see this type of data visualization with a Trade Ideas subscription. 

Some traders are reluctant to incorporate new data visualization tools in their daily trading and preparation routines. Change is often daunting if you don’t fully understand the benefits. Yet, once you can understand what you’re looking at, the lightbulb moment hits! Now you know you’re onto something that can make you a more profitable trader. 

Let’s take this example of the Top World GDP from 1800s to Projected 2040. It’s a graphical representation of how the top economic countries over the last 200+ years have changed. Then  compare it with Trade Ideas Stock Races, which can be set to show price and percentage movements over any timeframe.

To see the entire picture of a stock race with corresponding charts, take a look here:

Stock race with corresponding charts

Notice the similarities? With both examples, you see which years or stocks are ‘winning’ over time and easily see the clear leaders—there’s no guessing here. The race visualization of data shows you what you just can’t see in any chart or ranked list. 

Did you just have your “ah hah!” moment? You’re welcome. 

We hope you found this information helpful. For more information on our stock races, go here.