Trade Ideas for Mac Users

Trade Ideas for Mac Users

Apr 29, 2020

In a recent podcast, Michael Nauss (@bonpara) and I went over the options that Mac users have to get the full benefits of Trade Ideas Pro software.

While Trade Ideas does not offer a native OS downloadable version, there are ways to get access to TI that range from OK to AWESOME!

Here are your four options:

  1. Trade Ideas Web version — this is a lightweight version of TI that gives you much of the core scanning and alerting functionality TI Pro AI users have come to expect from Trade Ideas. The nice thing is you can access from any web browser, on any machine. However, power TI users who require our Brokerage Plus technology to send manual and auto-trades direct from TI Pro AI will not have this capability in TI Web. There are also some other smaller features that are limited.
  2. Boot Camp — this is a feature native to newer macs that allows you to fun a free “demo” version of Windows in which you’ll be able to run TI Pro AI. However, one big headache with this option is you have to restart your computer each time you want to switch the operating system between Mac OS and Windows.
  3. Parallels — this is an upgrade from Boot Camp. It allows you to run both your Mac OS and Windows simultaneously so that you can easily toggle between environments as needed. So you’ll be able to enjoy TI Pro AI on your mac, without giving up everything else you enjoy on your mac.
  4. Amazon Web Services Virtual Windows Desktop — this is the favored option for everyone here at Trade Ideas. It costs a small monthly fee, but it is so worth it — especially for power users of TI Pro AI who are running auto-trading strategies. You’ll have a virtual Windows machine running in the cloud that is ALWAYS ON, always updated to the latest version of Windows, and accessible from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, on ANY DEVICE. Whether you’re on a desktop machine, a laptop, or mobile device, you simply access your AWS desktop via a web browser. And you’ll have the FULL functionality of everything TI Pro AI offers, with the ultimate in flexibility. This is far and away the best option for mac users who are serious TI Pro AI users.

To sum up, while options 1–3 are cheaper, the best option that we recommend is AWS.

If you want more color on all these options, give a listen to our podcast were we dive in a little deeper.

Enjoy the Power of TI Pro AI on the mac you love.

Originally published on Sean McLaughlin’s page.