Thanks to everyone who participated in the Winter Test Drive, you all made it a success. We had over 1,100 Test Drivers participating in the week-long trial of Trade Ideas Premium and Brokerage Plus! 

Congratulations to the Price Alerts Contest Winners!

During the Test Drive week, we conducted a contest for the winning price alert with an entry with the highest percentage (%) gain by the close on Friday February 8th. 


  1. First place winner gets a Year of Premium & lifetime Brokerage Plus license – Value $3368
  2. Second place receives a Year of TI Premium: Value $2268
  3. Third place receives Month of TI Premium $228

1st Place Winner is Nick!

Coming in with massive percentage gains on 4 triggered alerts (3 longs and 1 short) we have Nick. 
Long in TPNL (low float to break a high) Long from 5.04 for a % gain of 40.85%
Long in BTAI   (Low float break to high) Long from 7.90 for a % gain of 21.52%
Short in XBIT  (over extended) Short From 9.75 for a % gain of 13.23%
Long in CODA  (bottom bounce but higher float) Long from 6.87 for a % gain of 2.62%
Nick gets a FREE YEAR of Trade Ideas Premium and a Brokerage Plus license. Thanks for entering. 

2nd Place Winner is Diego

Diego places second with 2 triggered long alerts.

Long BTAI for 22.5%
Long TRVG for 8%

Diego gets a FREE YEAR of Trade Ideas Premium. Nice job. 

3rd Place Winner is Steve

Steve gets 3rd with some nice gains on two longs.

Long BTAI for 19%
Long MGNX for .5%

Steve wins a FREE MONTH of Trade Ideas Premium

Thanks to all who entered. 

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