Successful Test Drive

Thanks to everyone who participated in this quarter’s Test Drive of Trade Ideas Premium services. Test Drivers got to try out all of Trade Ideas premium features for 5 full trading days including:

  • Our three A.I.s: Holly, Holly Neo, and Holly 2.0
  • Event based backtesting using the OddsMaker
  • Automated trading via Brokerage Plus (currently available for Interactive Brokerage)
  • Special webinar and training sessions

Price Alerts Contest Winners

Congratulations to Steven B. and Dimitar M. for their winning entries. It was a photo finish between Steven and Dimitar with Steven posting gains of 34.33% and Dimitar with gains of 34.21%.

What’s notable about Dimitar’s is that it wasn’t just 1 long or short position racking up the score, but 2 longs and 2 shorts respectively; All producing solid returns with a long in OMI delivering a monstrous 17.25% while short in SBBP delivering 8.23%. Last, but not least a long in MAXR delivering 6.88% while another short in VCYT brings up the rear with a 4.78% gain.

Congratulations to Steven and Dimitar! They each won a full year’s worth of Trade Ideas Premium A.I. w/ Brokerage Plus. 

Runner up—Glen A. with 21.76% gains:

Although we had a tie for first place, there’s a clear runner up from the other entries—Glen A. wins the runner up spot for a free month of Trade Ideas Premium A.I. with gains of 21.76%.

He selected stocks with potential explosive setups that closed on Wednesday just pennies below the trigger. 4 of the 5 alerts triggered with huge moves in TRPX and GLBS.

Thanks to all the Test Drive participants and contest entrants for making the last Test Drive of 2018 a success!


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