Whitehouse Announces Priority for A.I. and Machine Learning

New Infrastructure and Technology notice from the Trump administration endorses A.I. as essential to economic development

In a welcome validation from the Whitehouse on Thursday May 10th, 2018, President Trump’s administration published a Fact Sheet titled, “Artificial Intelligence for the American People. The document highlights the administration’s continuation of exiting AI and machine learning research & development programs and announces plans for expanded investment in the fields.

We’re on the verge of new technological revolutions that could improve virtually every aspect of our lives, create vast new wealth for American workers and families, and open up bold, new frontiers in science, medicine, and communication.

President Donald Trump

Highlights from the announcement include:

  • Federal investment in unclassified Research & Development for A.I. is up 40% since 2015
  • Science and Technology departments directed to focus on emerging AI and machine learning technologies.
  • The President’s FY2019 budget request is the first to designate A.I. as a R&D priority

And the administration is signaling their intention to remove barriers that may slow investment and development of AI and technologies and increase funding for STEM education in related fields.

Trade Ideas proud to be the first market intelligence company to have an AI available for retail investors and RIAs with less than $150M AUM, and we welcome the government’s continued validation, acceptance, and continued investment in AI and related technologies.



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