The beta release we launched for v2.1 was our most popular and most widely used beta yet in our history. Now the official version is available for everyone. If you are already using Trade-Ideas Pro, a prompt already asked you if you would like to download the latest version.

Here’s a recap of why you should:

  • Additional features in The Odds Maker. Hit the “Start” button and you will see these on the “Configure Odds Maker” window.
  • You can now exclude specific symbols, or attach an alert window to a single symbol. Select “Configure…” from the pop-up window, then the “Symbol Lists” tab to see this.
  • You can now access the “Flip” feature from the Trade-Ideas Pro “Configure Alerts” window. The flip feature allows you to switch between a bullish strategy and a bearish strategy in one click.
  • New view modes are available from the pop-up menu.
  • New help is available:

More details about what’s been added (including a collection of great articles about The Odds Maker) appears at this post that introduced the beta:

Trade-Ideas Releases Beta of v2.1 with Plenty of New Features