Our Trade-Ideas contest results are in!

Honestly I thought the response was kind of low – I can count the entries on fingers and toes. However this made for some high odds of winning!

The Odds Maker judged the results using this criteria and produced our 3 winners.

Please note only 2nd and 3rd place winners agreed to share their strategies here:

FIRST PLACE: T. Brooks of Bend, OR
Strategy: a variation of 40+ and Going
Prize: 1 IPod Nano (Black)

SECOND PLACE: Roger Champagne of Rochester, NY
Strategy: Intra-Day Rounded Bottom
Prize: 1 IPod Shuffle

THIRD PLACE: Frank Frueh of Vaud, Switzerland
Strategy: 40 Days Breakout inspired by one of Mr. Van Thorpe’s approaches to the market
Prize: 1 copy of Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s latest book, Enhancing Trader Performance

(Note: another review of the book, from a self-proclaimed new trader, writes a insightful summary of how ETP is correcting his approach to trading)

Be sure to check out our collection of winning strategies developed for Trade-Ideas and your trading plan’s consideration at: http://del.icio.us/tag/strategy-session?setcount=25

Thanks for playing!

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