The Best of Trade-Ideas Blog (According to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year)

The Best of Trade-Ideas Blog (According to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year)

Dec 31, 2006

That “PoP” sound from the champagne bottle is for you dear reader.

As we celebrate what’s been accomplished in 2006, we want to wish all readers and subscribers a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Below are links to the posts that received the most views in 2006 – we further edited the list that features strategy examples to those that are currently performing well (as judged by The Odds Maker). Hopefully they will fuel some idea generation on how to take the trades from 2006 to your own next level. If Trade-Ideas and The Odds Maker can help you stick to your trading plan resolutions – your accomplishments will merit many more “PoP”ing sounds next year.

Today covers the first half of 2006, tomorrow we’ll cover the rest:

  • Most active traders usually trade in stocks that will get them the most bang for the buck i.e., what stocks have the largest intraday ranges (from high to low) – 3 strategies on how to find them in Trade-Ideas
  • Our method to catch what’s moving in terms of volume and price before news gets out
  • When things are in order the Specialist keeps the spread more or less tight. But when something happens that is unusual the Specialist’s spread becomes wide and acts as a hedge. It’s an indication that something is happening – something you can be alerted to as a possible opportunity
  • Issac Newton’s First Law of Motion: Law of Inertia explains the basics of planetary motion, coach potatoes, and our latest Strategy Session: If a stock makes 100 highs in a trading session it has high odds of getting to 150 or 200 or even 300 high occurances