2006 Prizes: IPods and Ideas: A Trade-Ideas Contest

2006 Prizes: IPods and Ideas: A Trade-Ideas Contest

Dec 20, 2006

It’s the holiday season and I’m in a giving and sharing mood. So let’s give away some goodies and share our readers’ favorite Trade-Ideas set-ups. We’ll use The Odds Maker to judge whose strategy is winning the most in this market. Here is the prizebag:

The Goodies*

* If you are a prize winner and an Odds Maker customer, you’ll choose any 2 of these prizes!

Everyone who enters wins:

  1. An evaluation of your trading strategy using The Odds Maker. We’ll help tweak your set-up using this powerful tool to put the odds in your favor. It’s a nice way to introduce yourself to The Odds Maker if you haven’t tried it yet.
  2. A look at some of the selected entries I’ll share on the blog that demonstrates how others use Trade-Ideas to make better trades and manage risk.
  3. All participants who are Trade-Ideas subscribers will receive credit for 50 free uses of The Odds Maker.

The Steps

  1. You don’t have to be a Trade-Ideas or Odds Maker customer to enter – but it will help!
  2. Submit your favorite Trade-Ideas strategy to info@trade-ideas.com SUBJECT: Trade-Ideas 2006 Giveaway. You can submit as many trading strategies as you like
  3. Be sure to tell us how you trade this strategy by mentioning if you use the alerts to go Long or Short and under what conditions you exit a trade
  4. Be sure to tell us when you trade this strategy by mentioning if you trade it: during the entire session, after the 1st 30 minutes, only after lunch, etc.
  5. Be sure to tell us the inspiration for this strategy by mentioning where you learned it or from whose original idea the strategy sprang
  6. The last day to submit a strategy is January 1, 2007. The results will be announced January 8, 2007

Leave any questions in the comments section below or at info@trade-ideas.com.

Good luck!

For a list of strategies you can use and pass off as your own, visit either our Samples (online or in TI Pro) or our blog series called Strategy Sessions.

A special hat-tip to Technicator.net for reminding me to do this. Go and participate in his contest and go for goodies!