Daily Ticks: Footprints, Widgets, and MA Crossovers

Daily Ticks: Footprints, Widgets, and MA Crossovers

Dec 16, 2006

A list of what’s got our attention today:

  • Charles Kirk edited a great series of Qs & As from his readers with Dr. Brett Steenbarger in the members section of his website. Brett describes how he evaluates market conditions throughout the day:

    “I’d suggest that volume tells you what the market’s largest and most influential traders are doing. After the open, I’m a purely discretionary trader following volume flow (the distribution of trades at the market bid vs. offer).”

    He mentions Market Delta as a tool to help identify these volume patterns. This can also be accomplished in Trade-Ideas which also has a replay or ‘History’ feature to see these patterns emerge. Market Delta and Trade-Ideas are complimentary tools that overlap in this one area – compare the two. We built a set-up called, “Volume FootPrints” as a result of the interview.

Have a great weekend.