Netvibes Trade-Ideas Screener Module

Netvibes Trade-Ideas Screener Module

Nov 7, 2006

Anybody use netvibes?

TraderMike explained how he uses this homepage-maker awhile back. I think that’s how I came to use it. Think of it as Bloglines meets My Yahoo meets FireFox tabbed-browsing and you’ll get a good idea what it’s all about. TraderMike even created a sample homepage that already brings together good sources a trader might keep on his/her page.

Several others at Trade Ideas use it as well to keep abreast of their corner of the web. A few days ago we released a module for netvibes that taps the free End of Day scanning information we publish. The module let’s you perform quick scans based on a long list of possibilities. If you want to build more elaborate free scans with multiple sorts, you can quickly get there from the module. I recommend:

  1. A. Create a free netvibes account
  2. B. Grab TraderMike’s sample homepage as a starting point
  3. C. Add the Trade-Ideas module as your first modification!

Add to Netvibes
Then you can go out there and start building your Trader Cred . . .

I’d appreciate any comment about your use of netvibes and if you like or don’t like the module. Thanks and enjoy!