Trade-Ideas Releases Version 2.0 with The Odds Maker

Trade-Ideas Releases Version 2.0 with The Odds Maker

Nov 1, 2006

Subscribers asked us to add key features such as saving multiple layouts and automatic notification of future versions. We in turn added a powerful new add-on tool called The Odds Maker that we’re certain will delight those who try it. Version 2.0 enables you to make better trades and manage your risk.

As of today Trade-Ideas Pro Version 2.0 is available via the Trade-Ideas Pro download page:

A big thank you to those who downloaded and experimented with version 2.0 in its beta form. Your comments and use of the beta are appreciated. We’ll continue to announce new beta versions here first. We decided to show our appreciation with an extended period of free use for The Odds Maker. Evaluate the tool free until November 15th. At that point free use of The Odds Maker continues for 10 additional times before payment is required.

The list of major improvements includes the following:

  • This is the first release of the OddsMaker. Try it now, while it is still free (until 11/15).
  • Save and load multiple layouts. These are ordinary files that a user can copy and carry from one computer to another.
  • TI Pro now automatically checks for upgrades.
  • A new “Options” window replaces the “Global Actions” window and the local.ini file.
  • A single alert window can now be attached to multiple actions.
  • The external linking window and the symbol list window are now easier to use.
  • The title bar now shows more information about an alert window. This makes the history feature easier to use.
  • Each strategy shows a summary of the alerts and filters used. Right-click on the icon and go directly to the setting to change or remove it from the strategy.

Go to our developers’ page if you have integrated Trade-Ideas into your own application. To safely upgrade other applications using Trade-Ideas inside, go to our 3rd party upgrades page.

NOTE: ScottradeELITE users are not affected and do not need to do anything.

On another note, we want to thank all the bloggers who continue to add our ticker to their financial blogs as a way to add real-time content to their site and support our Idea Generation Technology – the list keeps growing. New banners are being added soon (including ones for The Odds Maker) if those who are interested in helping us spread the word and share in our growth as an affiliate. Details are available at