Custom Scans To Go?

Custom Scans To Go?

Oct 18, 2006

It’s day 3 since we added the Custom Scan feature to our free Stock Research section of the website. Thanks to TraderMike, FallonD, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, theKirkReport, and several others for helping to spread the word. A lot of people are kicking the tires!

One quick helpful tip to mention (we’ll add some additional help soon):

When using the filters the scan and the sort options are completely separate. You can select as many filters as you like to use in your scan, just like in the normal product. In addition, you can choose to sort by any of the fields (whether they were chosen for the scan or not).

Here is an idea that’s brewing about the Custom Scans:

We can make the Custom Scans transportable and embeddable in a web page or blog template – very similar to our real-time banners.

Would this be useful? Rather than leave someplace and come to Trade-Ideas to use these tools, a reader could stay on your site and get valuable TA research results. We’re not so interested in traffic per se (although clicking on the results would take you to TI pages of more analysis). We’d rather provide decision support tools and build awareness of those tools (free and subscription-based) if they are good enough.