If They Are Listening, Why Can’t They HEAR YOU?

If They Are Listening, Why Can’t They HEAR YOU?

Oct 13, 2006

CyberTrader made this announcement about a slew of new improvements arriving soon:

Top Enhancements Currently in Development *
We hear you! You made requests for the features described below, and we listened. The following enhancements are currently in development and planned for a future release. Read on and see how you and your fellow traders are driving evolution of a leading direct access software platform.

The list:

  1. New Chart Toolbar for Greater Customization
  2. Configurable Statistics Panel/Balances Bar
  3. More News Feeds
  4. Advanced Order Types to Help Manage Risk (brackets, auto-cancels, etc.)
  5. Automatic Layout Backup for Redundancy
  6. Sell-Write Orders
  7. Track Potential for Short or Long Term Gains

What about Trade-Ideas? We’ve said before that it never hurts to ask your broker about having them pay for your Trade-Ideas subscription. What about asking them to embed our tool into the platform itself? Its been done before.

I like what I recently read on Howard’s site about the “NIH” (Not Invented Here) walls that are crashing within companies that realize leadership in an industry requires the presumption that the best tools, the best customers and best thinking can reside outside their four walls. Among the choices to build (or grow), buy, or partner the last two options are getting more popular than the first. I submit TD Ameritrade’s recent acquisition of Medved QuoteTracker, our partnership with Scottrade, and certainly Google’s grab at YouTube as evidence.

Lots of our subscribers already marry CyberTrader with Trade-Ideas Pro. Can you guys step up and let us know how the bliss could be better?

The asterick? Here’s what it means: “Please keep in mind that you are reviewing developmental material. Actual changes may be substantially different than described above, delayed, or dropped from development.” There’s hope yet!