When Subscribers Talk: We Listen

When Subscribers Talk: We Listen

Jan 25, 2006

And produce. Yesterday and today marked the release of a new filter and a new alert to the Trade-Ideas inventory of technical indicators. The new additions are the result of our subscribers’ feedback. The new alert, in fact, came to us from a specific request by TraderMike. Thanks Michael!

New Filter: Minimum Spread

  • Help section definition here
  • Key Benefit: This filter helps trader spot opportunities to “make the spread” or successfully arbritage large differences between the bid and ask.
  • Example Strategy: “Big Spreads

New Alert: NR7

  • Help section definition here
  • Key Benefit: This alert helps traders looking for volatility find candidates that are coiled in a narrow price range and ready to pop into a much larger range.
  • Example Strategy: “NR7


  • No matter which platform you use (e.g., browser, TI Pro), you can already access the new items – new alert and filter innovations like these are automatic to subscribers because both applications make a “call” to our servers for the latest list whenever someone interacts with our alert window settings via ‘Configure’. When we add them, you receive them instantly.
  • Users of Trade-Ideas Pro are encouraged to download the latest version of the application. This is unrelated to the new alerts or filters. Rather a download of the latest version of the application is necessary to benefit from other aspects of the service, like minor visual enhancements and background “plumbing” maintenance that keeps the service as fast as possible.