Top 7 Trading Strategies for the Week

Top 7 Trading Strategies for the Week

Jan 20, 2006

Here is a list of the most popular strategies subscribers either use as is or modify to better fit their trading plan. Note that these strategies are from our universe of trading strategies developed by Trade-Ideas. Any similarity to a trading strategy developed by a subscriber is unintended and pure coincidence.

Here is the list of the Top 7 Trading Strategies for the last 7 trading days ending Thursday, January 19, 2006:

  1. Bullish Stocks Under $15 (description here)
  2. the Bull Watcher (description here)
  3. 3 Day Breakouts on High Relative Volume (description here)
  4. Up Big on Very Strong Volume (description here)
  5. the Free High/Low Ticker (our Free Trial, description here)
  6. Chart Pattern Recognition (description here)
  7. Large % Up Moves on High Relative Volume (description here)

Remember these strategies can be used as is OR (as they are intended) they can be modified to fit your own trading plan. For example by merely changing the Minimum Average Daily Volume to a different threshold, you see a whole different layer of the market than someone using the original configuration. Imagine what changing the Minimum Relative or Current Volume filter will do. The filters are like a periscope into the market. Change some of the settings and you’ll see completely different schools of fish than someone at another depth. It’s a big enough ocean/universe for everyone out there. Just go to the bathroom before you dip in.