Subscriptions Rates and Discounts Explained

Subscriptions Rates and Discounts Explained

Jan 16, 2006

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We are often asked if Trade-Ideas offers any discount on our subscription rates. The answer is yes. We reward our most loyal subscribers with a savings of about a third off of the regular monthly rate of $60. Any subscriber can choose from 4 payment options:

  • the Standard option: $60 per month
  • the Quarterly option: $180 per quarter
  • the Yearly option: $495 per year (i.e., a value of $41.25 per month but paid upfront)
  • the Advantaged Player option: $200 down, $35 per month

The graph plots the run rate of payments over many months to determine when a particular payment option becomes the best value. The ‘stair steps’ in the slope of several options represent the times a subscriber pays. As you can see after 12 months only one option becomes the obvious choice.

More information about our price list (including our free trial) exists at our website:

Our FAQ about subscribing, making payments, and canceling is here: