What’s on Your List?

What’s on Your List?

Jan 5, 2006

Unlike new year resolutions there’s a list at Trade-Ideas that you can’t lose or forget. It’s called “Recent Settings” and subscribers to Trade-Ideas know that we save your most recent strategies in this list – even if you forget to do so. Here is how it’s done. If you are using Trade-Ideas Pro, or Trade-Ideas embedded in our partner products like Scottrade ELITE, Medved QuoteTracker, TradeStream Global or many others, simply right click in your alert window and select the Recent Settings option. This brings up your list of recent settings. Select any of the choices and start scanning the strategy you selected. This can be repeated in any window.

If you are a web based user make sure you are logged in to the Trade-Ideas web site and select the Advanced Features link. Follow the link that says Recent Settings and you will see the list of links to start your recently created alert windows.

There is another use of the Recent Settings option. Many subscribers trade from multiple locations in any given month, week, or day. They use the Recent Settings list as a convenient way to retrieve their strategies from anywhere in the world they might be trading.

Tomorrow we’ll share what’s on our Recent Settings list. This is the one that is my most recent:

High Yet to Arrive SMALLCAP – Looks within the universe of small caps for the stocks that have yet to make their high of the day but may well do so.