Strategy Session: Reward Yourself

Strategy Session: Reward Yourself

Jan 2, 2006

The collection of strategies we maintain on this blog arrives from a variety of sources: trading magazines, other blogs, our own trading experience, and occasionally from “inspirado”.

We want to give our subscribers and readers a chance to share a Trade-Ideas strategy set-up of their own and receive their due credit, the admiration and feedback of others, and a gift for the efforts. First we must answer the question, “Why would anyone share a set-up with ‘the world’?” Several answers come to mind:

  1. Sharing a strategy can only improve it when its viewed and commented on by others. Good, bad, or indifferent comments will reveal ways to improve the strategy or generate other ideas you can then model
  2. The contributions of others can also generate ideas and variations for your own use
  3. With only minor tweaks of your strategy’s filters (e.g., on price, on volume, on volatility, etc.), you can slice and see an entirely different piece of the universe and never see the same stocks. So its easy to share the concept while still protecting exactly what you see on your original version
  4. You flatter us, we are not that big – yet. The odds of bumping into another subscriber on a trade in the same strategy – is remote
  5. Start your efforts at becoming a recognizable and acknowledged ‘expert’. With a few of your strategies ‘published’ on our blog, your next appearance could be in the local paper, a national trade magazine, or even Bloomberg!

Share one of your set-ups. Modify it a bit if you are concerned about others trading the exact same list as yours. Here is what you will receive from us for each published effort:

Send us your set-up (see the format in our Strategy Session category) and a brief description of what you trying to accomplish and who (i.e., what type of trader) benefits the most from using it, and we will buy and ship to you a book from your Amazon Wish List. Don’t have one? Follow the link to create one.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your own ‘inspirado’. Reward yourself as well by taking part in our 1st Annual Learning Curve Seminar exclusively for fans and subscribers of Trade-Ideas. Read about it on our blog as well here: