New Year’s Resolutions and the Year in Review

New Year’s Resolutions and the Year in Review

Dec 21, 2005

2005 turned out to be a great year for us at Trade-Ideas. We more than doubled our non-licensed, individual customer base from the previous year (a key measure of our health). Additionally our customers and business partners continue to praise the technology as breakthrough technology because of its ability to increase customer satisfaction while at the same time increasing transactional based revenues (i.e., DARTs, tickets, or trades) for our brokerage partners.

Scottrade and Trade-Ideas signed an Enterprise License agreement which allows all Scottrade Elite users to gain access to Trade-Ideas alerts software for free from within the Scottrade Elite application. This was made possible by our work in API development where we are able to integrate our software into virtually all commercially viable platforms written in any language.

Key developments ahead in 2006 include the addition of international markets to Trade-Ideas. This will most likely start with Canada, London, the DAX and progress throughout the year to cover all viable, liquid foreign markets. Another development will be the inclusion of a brand new asset class to the list of instruments we scan: Forex. Stay tuned.

Like 2005, 2006 will include a plethera of new alerts and filters to help traders navigate the changing markets ahead. Currently in production are automatically detected Trend Line breaks, Woodies CCI patterns, and much much more. Our customers are some of the best traders in the business and they continue to give us feedback on what can help them do better – as a result everyone benefits.

More community related developments are in the works to help Trade-Ideas customers all over the world share their ideas with one another. If you would like to participate in this community please sign-up (over to the right) to receive our posts via email, or better yet, subscribe to Trade-Ideas.