Las Vegas Revisited

Las Vegas Revisited

Dec 18, 2005

Although we are not a public company, compelled to disclose management’s discussion of strategy, opportunity, and risk, we will reveal a recap of the very enjoyable and productive week at the Trader’s Expo in Las Vegas. Several of the items mentioned below will be discussed in greater detail during our annual planning meetings coming up in January.

Our recent partnership with Scottrade and the Scottrade ELITE platform generated many congratulations and well wishes. It also opened a few doors and renewed several conversations with partners considering Idea Generation Technology (IGT) in their platforms. We will continue to assist Scottrade with marketing and training material as they communicate to their branch offices, other customer-facing employees, and Scottrade ELITE traders. Several plans were discussed as we passed out T-shirts, gathered attendees to the booth, and demonstrated the combined technology to a lot of interested traders.

Another highlight of the Expo included Chris Armstrong, President and CEO of TD Waterhouse, who discussed what’s in store for the company and how they are positioned to be a serious competitor in the online trading industry. It’s not everyday you hear perspective and the outlook from a CEO – his remarks were appreciated and very well received.

We spent time with our existing partners as well:

  • CyberTrader: an opportunity exists to expand an already productive relationship. This will be a top priority in the coming weeks
  • RushTrade: new faces in key positions make us hopeful a lot more progress is in store for Trade-Ideas and RushTrade
  • Evolution Capital: alerts developed especially for this trading group yielded mutual benefits to both firms
  • Bright Trading: a firm that knows a great tool when they see one (one of the firm’s first customers and still a believer)

Several companies introduced themselves (and we made introductions with others) and agreed to follow up with ideas on improving each other’s offering and platforms.

  • ChangeWave Research: proprietary research and business intelligence gathering service
  • interesting, innovative platform and financial portal with eyes towards the global markets. They have an impressive method of screening on fundamental data; they will be interested in the technical analysis Trade-Ideas provides. I’ve enjoyed listening to their quarterly analyst calls
  • CBD Trading Group LLC: a direct access trading firm that has their ducks in a row and well structured capital financing for experienced proprietary traders
  • ProEdge, a division of Infinity Futures, Inc.: brokerage firm providing an array of services for Futures & Options traders and investors. They attended our Happy Hour at Napolean’s on Wednesday and are committed to learning more about Trade-Ideas
  • Genesis Financial Data Services: interesting trade platform that will get some more attention

The Expo’s attendance was moderate; starting off very busy and gradually diminishing with each day. Our Happy Hour event at Napolean’s and VIP service at TAO (with the help of some very special friends of TI), however, were just the right amount of people and provided a chance for us to say thank you and ‘full steam ahead’ in 2006. And that’s all we can say about that.

Going to Vegas soon? We recommend:

  • Mon Ami Gabi: great French restaurant at Paris Las Vegas
  • TAO: great Asian bistro at the Venetian
  • Avenue Q: great musical playing at the Wynn – a mix of Sesame Street, Rent, and Deepthroat (for mature audiences only)