How to use PayPal with Trade-Ideas

How to use PayPal with Trade-Ideas

Oct 3, 2005

Paying for subscriptions should not be difficult, however when you do it online there always seems to be issues that get in the way. As the number of our subscribers grow we get more questions on various things having to do with PayPal our credit card processor.

1) Why do you have to add a bank account to PayPal to verify transactions:
Once you go over a certain amount of business through PayPal, I think it is $1200.00, they want to make sure that you are the legitimate credit card user. They way they do that is to make you give them your bank account number so that they send and then take out an amount of like 30 cents to your account. They ask you to give them the exact amount proving that you have access to your bank statement. This is all done for your protection and not so that PayPal has more information on you. The fund continue to be taken from the credit card you have on file and not from your bank account.

2) What happens if you lost or had your credit card, had it stolen, or are simply changing your card:
There are steps that you need to take in order to get everything up and working. If you do not follow these instructions in order, PayPal may cancel your account. Here are steps.
a.) Go to PayPal and to “My Account” section, and the “Profile” subsection to add the new credit card.
b.) Go to your subscription and change it to use the new credit card.
c.) Go back to the credt card information and delete the old card

Additionally please be aware that Trade-Ideas does not have access to your PayPal account. You activated your subscription through PayPal and if you want to cancel just log into your PayPal account and cancel your subscription.

All of this is in detail in the updated FAQ