Trade-Ideas Affiliate Program Explained

Trade-Ideas Affiliate Program Explained

Sep 1, 2005

Trader Mike brought to my attention that Alchemy of Trading’s blog recently announced that their content, well regarded for providing valuable insights on economic data and the markets, will soon be available only on a subscription basis. The reaction from the site’s regulars was largely disappointment. A few understood and asked, “Who can blame him?”

Anyone who consistently derives valuable knowledge from a site’s content should expect to reward the provider in some way – especially to individual practitioners.

Many sites and blogs are beginning to charge for their content as a path towards compensation. We at Trade-Ideas offer an alternative way for content providers to be compensated and still maintain a large audience. It’s our affiliate program that I outline below:


  • Maintain and grow your existing audience
  • Deliver valuable real-time information on the market’s technicals to your readers using Trade-Ideas
  • Receive commissions for subscribers to Trade-Ideas referred from your site
  • Access reports and audit your referral efforts using Trade-Ideas’ admin tool


  • Give your site valuable real-time alert information in the form of a banner that’s powered by Trade-Ideas’ Idea Generation Technology (IGT)
  • Offer anyone who clicks on the banner and creates an account an extended 2-week trial (vs. the 1-week trial offerred on the Trade-Ideas website)
  • Use our database and admin tool 24/7 to track subscribers and estimate quarterly compensation

Most importantly those readers who subscribe to Trade-Ideas via a content provider’s banner know that they are getting a clear advantage in terms of a cutting edge research tool and are helping to keep their frequently visited blogs free.

The customizable tickers and banners appear here.

For more information on how to get started and compensation, please take your first step by telling us who you are at