Nextrend’s Lesson

Nextrend’s Lesson

Feb 1, 2005

Nextrend, a software and brokerage services firm, recently closed its doors. The sudden ending came as a shock to many of their customers who never received the company’s farewell email. Here are a few of the comments the news generated at EliteTrader, a popular trader’s forum: Nextrend problem

What’s the lesson from Nextrend?

Keep on keepin’ on. Our efforts to constantly improve our analytics engine, its capabilities, and our march along the Customer Learning Curve (Ed.: see January 21st post for more details) win us our customers. If we don’t spend the resources to generate buzz, build access, and motivate visitors, we’ll never stimulate a subscription, teach our subscribers, get them to experience value and ultimately turn them into fans of our service.

Now you know the reasons behind our press release below. In the spirit of generating buzz here it is…
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