Stock Screener: Stocks Up 6 Days in a Row


This list shows which stocks have gone up for more than 5 consecutive days.  This is based strictly on the closing price of the stock each day.

The symbol with the longest winning streak are on top.  After that they are sorted by volume.


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Min Consecutive Days
Max Consecutive Days


ETNB - 89bio, Inc.
FEIM - Frequency Electronics, Inc
SNAP - Snap, Inc
AGG - iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF
VTR - Ventas, Inc
VRUS - Verus Intl
TGE - Tallgrass Energy LP
LYV - Live Nation Entertainment, Inc
VG - Vonage Holdings Corp.
MGP - MGM Growth Properties LLC
TIP - iShares Barclays Tips Bond
TRIL - Trillium Therapeutics, Inc
OLLI - Ollies Bargain Outlet Holdings, Inc
FSCT - ForeScout Technologies, Inc
SCHZ - Schwab US Aggregate Bond ETF
DXCM - DexCom, Inc
MLHR - Herman Miller, Inc
CVLT - Commvault Systems, Inc
DY - Dycom Industries, Inc
ADC - Agree Realty Corp
RP - RealPage, Inc
OVID - Ovid Therapeutics, Inc



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