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Data from the last 5 minutes after the close:
Price ($)Volume Today (Shares)Change from the Close ($)
1.ARRY - Array Technologies, Inc.21.004,661,359-1.26
2.AEE - Ameren Corporation97.351,377,7900.65
3.BOX - Box, Inc. Class A30.341,416,342-0.65
4.SRE - DBA Sempra170.02727,283-0.42
5.HRB - H&R Block, Inc.47.752,069,533-0.69
6.SPWR - SunPower Corporation24.942,252,574-0.87
7.CNP - CenterPoint Energy, Inc (Holding Co)32.652,848,5920.06
8.ES - Eversource Energy (D/B/A)93.631,203,801-0.33
9.NEE - NextEra Energy, Inc.89.715,372,780-0.53
10.PPL - PPL Corporation30.813,915,723-0.10
11.KO - Coca-Cola Company (The)65.178,728,431-0.05
12.GD - General Dynamics Corporation241.67718,781-2.02
13.NI - NiSource Inc31.531,683,201-0.18
14.DE - Deere & Company369.664,208,6971.67
15.DUK - Duke Energy Corporation (Holding Company)113.242,082,8300.66
16.STZ - Constellation Brands, Inc.251.69648,6980.82
17.MAT - Mattel, Inc.24.211,458,0670.10
18.HOG - Harley-Davidson, Inc.41.201,643,662-1.06
19.PGNY - Progyny, Inc.43.43703,101-1.58
20.GFS - GlobalFoundries Inc.61.201,729,504-2.95
21.ON - ON Semiconductor Corporation72.539,301,095-0.72
22.PGR - Progressive Corporation (The)127.482,040,217-0.73
23.IBM - International Business Machines Corporation138.373,021,213-0.70
24.VLO - Valero Energy Corporation118.552,645,320-0.24
25.STEM - Stem, Inc. Class A14.614,305,072-1.52

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