Custom Top List: Stocks Trending Down

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Data from the last 5 minutes after the close:
Price ($)Volume Today (Shares)Change from the Close ($)
1.EERN - DriveWealth Power Saver ETF3.4811,9500.05
2.PGSS.U - Pegasus Digital Mobility Acquisition Corp. Units10.101000.01
3.PYPS - Investment Managers Series Trust II27.273,942-0.19
4.FUSB - First US Bancshares, Inc.8.352,046-0.30
5.QLI - Qilian International Holding Group Ltd. - Ordinary Shares1.365,5860.01
6.MUX - McEwen Mining Inc.3.29268,218-0.29
7.ARGO - Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.22.08585,551-1.02
8.FST+ - FAST Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A at an exercise price of $11.500.04991,120-0.0017
9.GSK - GSK plc American Depositary Shares (Each representing two Ordinary Shares)35.8835,004,162-2.42
10.BRFH - Barfresh Food Group Inc.3.945,201-0.05
11.MCY - Mercury General Corporation32.93373,8590.48
12.ENTXW - Entera Bio Ltd. - Warrant0.0696700-0.0483
13.EGRX - Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.34.20274,520-0.80
14.MCH - Matthews International Funds24.235,7450.43
15.NCRA - Nocera, Inc.2.71290,973-2.47
16.CFRX - ContraFect Corporation0.31006,943,5850.0290
17.ESSCW - East Stone Acquisition Corporation - Warrant0.09506,252-0.0049
18.QTRX - Quanterix Corporation10.483,278,4861.92
19.DHACW - Digital Health Acquisition Corp. - Warrant0.0650254,1900.0149
20.TSLQ - Investment Managers Series Trust II40.141,002,0580.93
21.ACEL - Accel Entertainment, Inc.9.92627,6900.41
22.HTAQ+ - Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp. I Warrants, each exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50 per share0.06032,052-0.0097
23.ISTB - iShares Core 1-5 Year USD Bond ETF47.545,214,533-0.03
24.ZVO - Zovio Inc.0.36001,395,7500.0138
25.OBSV - ObsEva SA - Common Shares0.30905,316,910-0.0310

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