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Price ($)Volume Today (Shares)Change from the Close ($)
1.IGMS - IGM Biosciences, Inc.23.3159,314-0.99
2.NVST - Envista Holdings Corporation28.36855,9970.41
3.CCX - Churchill Capital Corp II10.00250,2000.01
4.WWR - Westwater Resources, Inc3.66832,7000.56
5.BSJR - Invesco Exchange-Traded Self-Indexed Fund Trust25.048000.05
6.CCH.U - Collier Creek Holdings Units10.66311,600-0.03
7.SOL - Renesola1.57652,2300.28
8.ADXS - Advaxis, Inc0.316112,773,726-0.0389
9.WCFB - WCF Bancorp, Inc.8.3854,495-0.02
10.MLHR - Herman Miller, Inc46.311,499,0681.84
11.VBIV - VBI Vaccines, Inc0.50044,433,618-0.1724
12.REXR-A - Rexford Industrial Realty, Inc PR A25.5032,6000.12
13.CEY - Victoryshares EMG Markets High Dividend Vlty WTD23.4034,5290.18
14.ARES - Ares Mgmt LP29.301,343,613-1.55
15.DLNG-B - Dynagas LNG Partners LP SER B PR19.89106,4093.74
16.MDR - McDermott Intl, Inc1.5842,347,626-0.58
17.UPW - Proshares Ultra Util67.8131,7490.27
19.EZPW - Ezcorp, Inc7.42770,062-0.84
20.IIPR-A - Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. 9.00% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock28.2210,238-0.53
21.KFFB - Kentucky First Federal Bancorp7.4911,861-0.01
22.ROOF - IQ US Real Estate Sm-Cap25.7845,7770.11
23.YLD - Principal Edge Active, Income ETF40.3710,9110.12
24.GSSC - Goldman Sachs Active Beta US Sm-Cap Equity ETF45.0521,4100.14
25.ESGN - Columbia Sustainable Intl Equity, Income ETF25.158,6500.12

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