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Price ($)Volume Today (Shares)Change from the Close ($)
1.KBSF - KBS Fashion Group Ltd2.272,790,7460.07
2.BDRY - Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF9.18262,899-0.09
3.YI - 111, Inc ADS6.821,509,618-0.38
4.STRM - Streamline Health Solutions, Inc1.42914,0960.28
5.GRPN - Groupon, Inc1.80116,672,756-1.25
7.WBND - Western Asset Total Return ETF27.35405,422-0.07
8.VIVE - Viveve Medical, Inc1.8433,444,1300.48
10.MKC.V - Mccormick & Co, Inc163.7719,478-1.23
13.CCOR - Cambria Core Equity ETF27.54296,665-0.07
14.NERD - Active Weighting Funds16.50150,4700.00
15.AGNCP - AGNC Investment Corp.24.99272,4140.06
16.EASG - Xtrackers MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Equity ETF26.9822,2270.18
17.UJPY - Velocityshares Daily 4X Long JPY VS USD21.0514,583-1.23
18.CEA - China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd25.30185,0671.12
19.CCRC - China Customer Relations Centers, Inc9.20686,9160.19
20.AEY - Addvantage Techs Group, Inc3.57516,8080.35
21.BUG - Global X Funds18.2671,6840.10
22.WRB-C - WR Berkley Corp PR 5.90%26.0197,146-0.08
23.BSGM - BioSig Technologies, Inc4.79716,3810.57
24.FVRR - Fiverr International Ltd.30.011,768,7102.01
25.SQNS - Sequans Communications SA ADS7.081,008,5170.43

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