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Scan name: "contraction 1a"


Min PriceMin Price=15 ($) 15($)
Max PriceMax Price=99 ($) 99($)
Min Average Daily Volume (10D)Min Average Daily Volume (10D)=1,200,000 (Shares / Day) 1,200,000(Shares / Day)
Max Average Daily Volume (10D)Max Average Daily Volume (10D)=70,000,000 (Shares / Day) 70,000,000(Shares / Day)
Min ConsolidationMin Consolidation=2 (Days) 2(Days)
Max ConsolidationMax Consolidation=9 (Days) 9(Days)

Sort options:

Max ConsolidationMax Average Daily Volume (10D)
Max Consolidation on top, followed by Max Average Daily Volume (10D).

Stock exchanges:

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

Scan results:

  1. Z - Zillow Group, Inc. - Class C Capital Stock
  2. ZG - Zillow Group, Inc. - Class A
  3. VG - Vonage Holdings Corp.
  4. DWAC - Digital World Acquisition Corp.
  5. MARA - Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
  6. BSIG - BrightSphere Investment Group Inc.
  7. STNE - StoneCo Ltd. - Class A Common Share
  8. CHGG - Chegg, Inc.
  9. DLO - DLocal Limited - Class A Common Shares
  10. CERT - Certara, Inc.
  11. OSH - Oak Street Health, Inc.
  12. CSOD - Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.
  13. PTON - Peloton Interactive, Inc.
  14. EIX - Edison International
  15. CCXI - ChemoCentryx, Inc.
  16. SNAP - Snap Inc. Class A
  17. MQ - Marqeta, Inc. - Class A
  18. AZN - AstraZeneca PLC - American Depositary Shares
  19. CLDR - Cloudera, Inc.
  20. ADGI - Adagio Therapeutics, Inc.
  21. VEDL - Vedanta Limited American Depositary Shares (Each representing four equity shares)
  22. XP - XP Inc. - Class A
  23. PAGS - PagSeguro Digital Ltd. Class A Common Shares
  24. WOOF - Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. - Class A
  25. DOCS - Doximity, Inc. Class A


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