Stock trading can be difficult, but you can put the odds of winning in your favor. The OddsMaker backtesting module inside the Trade-Ideas stock scanner is the only 'event-based' backtesting of stock alerts available in the market today.

While the Trade-Ideas stock scanner finds opportunities by scanning thousands of stocks in real-time, the OddsMaker allows you to see what would have happened if you placed a trade when an opportunity took place and held the position for a time you specify.

A stock you follow just crossed the 20 day moving average on high volume. Should you buy, should you short, or should you just stay away? Should you hold the position over night or get out during the day? The OddsMaker will answer those questions in minutes. No programming, no scripting, no easy language to learn. Nothing but but the raw power of the Trade-Ideas sever farm at your fingertips.

Don’t become history, use it!

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