Filter Codes

Use these codes to include a standard formula in a custom formula.  For example, the standard filter gives you the price of a stock in dollars.  The custom formula [Price]*100 will give you the price of a stock in pennies.

Bid SizeShares[BS]
Ask SizeShares[AS]
Bid / Ask RatioRatio[BAR]
Distance from Inside Market%[DNbbo]
Average Number of PrintsPrints / Day[Prints]
Average Daily Volume (5D)Shares / Day[Vol5D]
Average Daily Volume (10D)Shares / Day[Vol]
Average Daily Volume (3M)Shares / Day[Vol3M]
Dollar VolumeDollars/Share x Shares/Day[DV]
Relative VolumeRatio[RV]
Volume TodayShares[TV]
Volume Today%[PV]
Volume Yesterday%[YPV]
Volume 1 Minute%[Vol1]
Volume 5 Minute%[Vol5]
Volume 10 Minute%[Vol10]
Volume 15 Minute%[Vol15]
Volume 30 Minute%[Vol30]
Post Market VolumeShares[PMVol]
Yearly Standard Deviation$[YSD]
Average True Range$[ATR]
Today's Range$[TRangeD]
Today's Range%[TRangeP]
2 Minute Range$[Range2]
2 Minute Range%[Range2P]
5 Minute Range$[Range5]
5 Minute Range%[Range5P]
15 Minute Range$[Range15]
15 Minute Range%[Range15P]
30 Minute Range$[Range30]
30 Minute Range%[Range30P]
60 Minute Range$[Range60]
60 Minute Range%[Range60P]
120 Minute Range$[Range120]
120 Minute Range%[Range120P]
5 Day Range$[Range5D]
5 Day Range%[Range5DP]
10 Day Range$[Range10D]
10 Day Range%[Range10DP]
20 Day Range$[Range20D]
20 Day Range%[Range20DP]
Put/Call RatioRatio[PCR]
Options VolumeContracts[PCAV]
Options Volume TodayContracts[PCTV]
Put Volume TodayContracts[PTV]
Call Volume TodayContracts[CTV]
Options Volume Today%[PCPV]
Position of Open%[POORP]
Consecutive Candles1 minute candles[Up1]
Consecutive Candles2 minute candles[Up2]
Consecutive Candles5 minute candles[Up5]
Consecutive Candles10 minute candles[Up10]
Consecutive Candles15 minute candles[Up15]
Consecutive Candles30 minute candles[Up30]
Consecutive Candles60 minute candles[Up60]
Consecutive DaysDays[Up]
Change 1 Minute$[DUp1]
Change 1 Minute%[PUp1]
Change 2 Minute$[DUp2]
Change 2 Minute%[PUp2]
Change 5 Minute$[DUp5]
Change 5 Minute%[PUp5]
Change 10 Minute$[DUp10]
Change 10 Minute%[PUp10]
Change 15 Minute$[DUp15]
Change 15 Minute%[PUp15]
Change 30 Minute$[DUp30]
Change 30 Minute%[PUp30]
Change 60 Minute$[DUp60]
Change 60 Minute%[PUp60]
Change 120 Minute$[DUp120]
Change 120 Minute%[PUp120]
NASDAQ Change 5 Minute%[Qqqq5]
NASDAQ Change 10 Minute%[Qqqq10]
NASDAQ Change 15 Minute%[Qqqq15]
NASDAQ Change 30 Minute%[Qqqq30]
NASDAQ Change Today%[QqqqD]
S&P Change 5 Minute%[Spy5]
S&P Change 10 Minute%[Spy10]
S&P Change 15 Minute%[Spy15]
S&P Change 30 Minute%[Spy30]
S&P Change Today%[SpyD]
Dow Change 5 Minute%[Dia5]
Dow Change 10 Minute%[Dia10]
Dow Change 15 Minute%[Dia15]
Dow Change 30 Minute%[Dia30]
Dow Change Today%[DiaD]
Distance from Pivot R2%[PivotR2]
Distance from Pivot R1%[PivotR1]
Distance from Pivot%[Pivot]
Distance from Pivot S1%[PivotS1]
Distance from Pivot S2%[PivotS2]
Distance from VWAP 1%[VWAP]
Distance from VWAP 2%[DVWAP2]
Distance from VWAP 3%[DVWAP3]
Distance from VWAP 4%[DVWAP4]
Distance from VWAP 5%[DVWAP5]
VWAP Stop$[VWAPStop]
Change from the Close$[FCD]
Change from the Close%[FCP]
Change from the CloseBars[FCR]
Change from the Open$[FOD]
Change from the Open%[FOP]
Change from the OpenBars[FOR]
Change from the Open% of Average True Range[FOW]
Change Post Market$[PostD]
Change Post Market%[PostP]
Change Previous Day$[FCDP]
Change Previous Day%[FCPP]
Change in 5 Days$[U5DD]
Change in 5 Days%[U5DP]
Change in 10 Days$[U10DD]
Change in 10 Days%[U10DP]
Change in 20 Days$[U20DD]
Change in 20 Days%[U20DP]
Change in 1 Year$[UYD]
Change in 1 Year%[UYP]
Change Since January 1$[UpJan1D]
Change Since January 1%[UpJan1P]
Standard DeviationStandard Deviations[BB]
Position in 5 minute range%[R5M]
Position in 15 minute range%[R15M]
Position in 30 minute range%[R30M]
Position in 60 minute range%[R60M]
Below High$[BelowHigh]
Above Low$[AboveLow]
Below Pre-Market High$[BelowHighPre]
Above Pre-Market Low$[AboveLowPre]
Position in Range%[RD]
Position in Previous Day's Range%[RPD]
Position in Pre-Market Range%[RPM]
Position in 5 Day Range%[R5D]
Position in 10 Day Range%[R10D]
Position in 20 Day Range%[R20D]
Position in 3 Month Range%[R3MO]
Position in 6 Month Range%[R6MO]
Position in 9 Month Range%[R9MO]
Position in Year Range%[RY]
Position in 2 Year Range%[R2Y]
Position in Lifetime Range%[RL]
1 Minute RSI0 - 100[RSI1]
2 Minute RSI0 - 100[RSI2]
5 Minute RSI0 - 100[RSI5]
15 Minute RSI0 - 100[RSI15]
60 Minute RSI0 - 100[RSI60]
Daily RSI0 - 100[DRSI]
Position in Bollinger Bands (5 Minute)%[Boll5]
Position in Bollinger Bands (15 Minute)%[Boll15]
Position in Bollinger Bands (60 Minute)%[Boll60]
Position in Bollinger Bands (Daily)%[Boll]
Range ContractionDays[RC]
Linear Regression Divergence0 - 1[LR130]
Average Directional Index%[ADX]
Directional Indicator%[PDIMDI]
Change from 200 Day SMA%[MA200P]
Change from 200 Day SMABars[MA200R]
200 Day SMA$[SMA200]
Change from 50 Day SMA%[MA50P]
Change from 50 Day SMABars[MA50R]
Change from 20 Day SMA%[MA20P]
Change from 20 Day SMABars[MA20R]
Change from 10 Day SMA%[MA10P]
Change from 10 Day SMABars[MA10R]
Change from 8 Day SMA%[MA8P]
Change from 8 Day SMABars[MA8R]
Change from 5 Period SMA (2m)%[2SmaLa5]
Change from 5 Period SMA (5m)%[5SmaLa5]
Change from 5 Period SMA (15m)%[15SmaLa5]
Change from 8 Period SMA (2m)%[2SmaLa8]
Change from 8 Period SMA (5m)%[5SmaLa8]
Change from 8 Period SMA (15m)%[15SmaLa8]
Change from 8 Period SMA (60m)%[60SmaLa8]
Change from 10 Period SMA (2m)%[2SmaLa10]
Change from 10 Period SMA (5m)%[5SmaLa10]
Change from 10 Period SMA (15m)%[15SmaLa10]
Change from 10 Period SMA (60m)%[60SmaLa10]
Change from 20 Period SMA (2m)%[2SmaLa20]
Change from 20 Period SMA (5m)%[5SmaLa20]
Change from 20 Period SMA (15m)%[15SmaLa20]
Change from 20 Period SMA (60m)%[60SmaLa20]
Change from 200 Period SMA (2m)%[2SmaLa200]
Change from 200 Period SMA (5m)%[5SmaLa200]
Change from 130 Period SMA (15m)%[15SmaLa130]
Change from 200 Period SMA (15m)%[15SmaLa200]
Change from 200 Period SMA (60m)%[60SmaLa200]
8 vs. 20 Period SMA (2m)%[2Sma8a20]
8 vs. 20 Period SMA (5m)%[5Sma8a20]
8 vs. 20 Period SMA (15m)%[15Sma8a20]
8 vs. 20 Period SMA (60m)%[60Sma8a20]
20 vs. 200 Period SMA (2m)%[2Sma20a200]
20 vs. 200 Period SMA (5m)%[5Sma20a200]
20 vs. 200 Period SMA (15m)%[15Sma20a200]
20 vs. 200 Period SMA (60m)%[60Sma20a200]
Position in Consolidation%[RCon]
Smart Stop$[SmartStopD]
Smart Stop%[SmartStopP]
Stock Composite Rating30 - 100[SCR]
Market Cap$[MCap]
Shares OutstandingShares[ShOut]
Days to CoverDays[DTC]
Short Growth%[ShortG]
Short Float%[SFloat]
Float TurnoverRatio[FloatTurn]
Held by Insiders%[Insider]
Held by Institutions%[Institution]
Current Assets$[Assets]
Current Debt$[Debt]
Cash / Debt RatioRatio[CashDebt]
Income$ / Year[Income]
Income / Debt RatioRatio[IncomeDebt]
Interest Income$[Interest]
Revenue$ / Year[Revenue]
Quarterly Revenue Growth%[QRevG]
Enterprise Value$[Value]
Enterprise Value / Market Cap RatioRatio[ValueMCap]
EPS$ / Share[EPS]
Estimated Annual EPS GrowthRatio[EstAEPSG]
Estimated Quarterly EPS GrowthRatio[EstQEPSG]
Quarterly Earnings Growth%[QEarnG]
Price / Earnings RatioRatio[PERatio]
PEG RatioRatio[PEG]
Earnings DateDays[EarningD]
Time of DayMinutes after the open[Time]
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