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Use the following link to see this scan in your favorite RSS compatible news aggregator.  Warning:  Many news aggregators cache all data, so they will not show you the latest data from Trade-Ideas.

Embed the Top List on Your Blog or Web Page

Insert the following HTML code into your web page to show the top list.

<IFRAME SRC=";WN=Stocks%20Trending%20Down%20&amp;XN=on&amp;X_NYSE=on&amp;X_AMEX=on&amp;X_ARCA=on&amp;show0=Price&amp;show1=TV&amp;show2=FCD" WIDTH="246" HEIGHT="500"><OBJECT DATA=";WN=Stocks%20Trending%20Down%20&amp;XN=on&amp;X_NYSE=on&amp;X_AMEX=on&amp;X_ARCA=on&amp;show0=Price&amp;show1=TV&amp;show2=FCD" TYPE="text/html"><A HREF=";WN=Stocks%20Trending%20Down%20&amp;XN=on&amp;X_NYSE=on&amp;X_AMEX=on&amp;X_ARCA=on&amp;show0=Price&amp;show1=TV&amp;show2=FCD" WIDTH="246" HEIGHT="500">Top List</A></OBJECT></IFRAME>


You can change the contents of the top list by clicking here.  To change other aspects of the top list, like the size and shape, consult an HTML reference.


This is how it will look:

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