Special Offer for Scottrade Users

Do you use ScottradeELITE?  Trade-Ideas is provided free as part of ScottradeELITE.  You do not have to download any software from Trade-Ideas or sign up on the Trade-Ideas web site.  Sign up through Scottrade to access Trade-Ideas today!

To use Trade-Ideas, look for the Trade-Ideas icon on the ScottradeELITE toolbar.

Trade-Ideas is available on the ScottradeELITE toolbar

Click on this icon to create a Trade-Ideas window, like the one shown below.  Click on this multiple times to create multiple windows.

The Trade-Ideas alerts appear in a standard Scottrade window.

Notice that the bottom part of this window contains the same data and features as Trade-Ideas Pro.  The top part contains a standard ScottradeELITE toolbar.  You can use this to link the Trade-Ideas windows to other Scottrade windows.

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